Thursday, April 13, 2006

Hi, my name is FeiTang.I am from China , but I am abroad in England.I am staying in a city which is called Norwich .I am studying english in Bell School .It's an international school .It's small and expensive .There are a lot of students from different countries.When you are studying in the school you meet a person who is from your country you will be delighted, I suppose .

Here, there are about eight teachers who always work in the school. Teachers and students are very friendly.Everyone wishes to talk with other students. There is a dining room,we can eat together and when we eat food we can have a conversation.

We are studying a lot of things in the lesson .We usually study grammar and vocabulary,and other things .Too many exercises we can do everyday .At night , there are a lot of activities. All of them are different.On Saturday you can go to other cities for sightseeing.We have a party each month.

It was an absolutely marvellous school . I like Bell school very much .If you want to study english,the best way to come here to study english .


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