Wednesday, April 19, 2006

My prefecture
Hi! I’m Kayo
I’m going to introduce my city ”Onojyo”.
Onojyo is in Fukuoka prefecture, about 94000 people live in Onojyo city. About 121,553 people live in Norwich.
Onojyo area is about 26.88squarekilometers compared to 39.00squarekilometers for Norwich. Norwich is bigger than my city.
My city has lot of green, but, not countryside. Moderately urban city.

One famous baseball player’s home city is my city. He’s name is Toshiya Sugiuchi he is very famous in Japan.

Toshiya Sugiuchi


Blogger harold said...

very interesting and very nice.
I never seen the base ball so I don't know a lot of things about this sport, but I should think that this player is very good, isn't it ?

3:12 pm

Blogger miyuki said...

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3:17 pm

Blogger miyuki said...

Hi,I'm Miyuki. I saw your blog.
This map is easy to know your city. I went to Fukuoka prefecture two years ago, but I didn't go to onojyo city. I want to visit the city someday.

2:30 pm


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